[Users] next button on main toolbar, preference option not working as expected

Wallichii wallichii at riseup.net
Tue May 21 14:58:25 CEST 2019


I've quite a few threads that I participate in and sometimes all that
doesn't fit in single view so I have to scroll to see threads that have
a new message.

- Next button above in toolbar has this <https://ttm.sh/Y8.png> next
  button that has down arrow as its icon. I expect it to goto unread
  messages up the list (because my sorting is by date and descending)
  and once it is on the top it should scan again from bottom.

For example today my inbox got say 2 messages, one belonging to a newer
thread (so on top) and one to an older thread (bottom of the list). when
I click on the top message and then click next, it does nothing. when I
select the bottom one and then click next, it takes me to the top

Expected behaviour: When I select top message and then click next, it
should look for newer unread messages (which it already does) and after
that it should look for other unread messages and go there.

- Under preferences > display > summaries > sorting there is `date` and
  `thread date` mode. I couldn't figure out how `thread date` mode
  works, links/details?

Take that above case which I wrote above (For example...), I have to
manually search for unread messages which can be a lot of work with
lots of new emails. I am looking for a sorting mode which keeps
threaded display and sorts by message date instead of date when thread
started, so that will fix it and all new message will come to the top of
list instead of bottom.

- There is also an option for collapse all threads which is broken. All
  threads open up expanded instead of collapsed.

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