[Users] Embedded images in external browser

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at posteo.de
Mon Mar 25 11:23:44 CET 2019

Hi list and devs

Thanks for making claws. 

I'm receiving lately lots of mails from people who mix up Outlook
with Word/Writer: they are sending entire documents with embedded
images and whatnot by HTML-mail. I have given up to request them to
change - instead I'm adapting myself, with the power of open-source.

I'm opening these mails with an external browser, neither firefox nor
chromium want to show the images, because they do not find them. 

Claws saves them as 


in the mimetmp-dir and the HTML file looks for

  cid:image019.jpg at 01D4E0BA.822EA1A0


  image019.jpg at 01D4E0BA.822EA1A0

is the Content-ID-tag of the attachment.

There are several problems: one is the that, chrome at least, does not
know what to do with the `cid:`-tag in the src-field and the other is
the generated filename.

Is there anything which already has been done to make this work somehow
and somewhere?

If not, I'm ready to get my hands dirty if I'd get some advice from
the devs.


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