[Users] Problem with Spell Checker

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Mon Dec 16 12:32:53 CET 2019

On Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:31:12 -0000, Paul stated:
>You said you entered "en-US", this was a bad entry because it should be
>"en_US". When I asked, "Where did that entry come from?" I was
>referring to this bogus entry. On looking at your screenshot (after
>replying) I saw that this was just a typo in your email and that you
>meant "en_US".

Yes, it was a type. The screen shot showed it correctly though.

>Anyway, I tested this, creating a new Claws Mail installation. On a new
>installation the first dictionary is chosen automatically, both in the
>general preferences and the account preferences. So I quit and edited
>accountrc with a text editor, making the dictionary entries empty. But
>even then, when they are empty, the first dictionary is still chosen

I have no idea how it occurred on my machine. When I first entered the
account preferences, the "dictionary" was clicked; however the field
was empty. It was just highlighted "blue"

>So I conclude that this is user error, or at least an error  outside of
>Claws Mail which should be prevented outside of Claws Mail, and no
>change is necessary in Claws Mail.

Again, I have no idea how this happened and I have not been able to
reproduce it either. Perhaps a stray electron clobbered a bit and caused
this phenomenon. In any case, it is corrected now, so I am happy.

Thanks for your help.

>with regards


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