[Users] [Bug 3993] Claws Mail connects to IMAP server when it should not

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Thu Mar 22 01:40:28 CET 2018


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Andrej, thanks for testing this. I have started from scratch again, this time
not only deleting clawsrc but also with an empty ~/.claws-mail as described. I
can confirm the same result as you - no connection to YAHOO (the secondary

> There has to be something else happening at your end.

Obviously. After spending more time trying to investigate what exactly that may
be I found something quite strange.

Using the problematic .claws-mail dir I removed all existing accounts except
the GMAIL and YAHOO ones:

[~]: grep Account .claws-mail/accountrc
[Account: 1] // GMAIL
[Account: 5]
[Account: 10]
[Account: 7]
[Account: 8] // YAHOO
[Account: 9]
[Account: 4]

I.e. after the change only 1 and 8 were left. Then I closed CM and deleted
everything except:


To make sure I have the same settings as in the "problematic" version I diff-ed
them with the files in the "clean" (non-problematic version) and reduced the
differences to a point at which only the account IDs of the YAHOO account were
different. In particular:

In the problematic .claws-mail YAHOO account had ID=8 (as seen above) and in
the "clean" one it had ID=2. Everything else was the same.

So I went on and deleted the YAHOO account from the problematic version and
re-added it again, using identical settings. RESULT: no more connection to
yahoo. The only change I noticed the config files was that now that account
received ID=6.

This made me question: is the number '8' special in some way? So I went on and
changed account numbers from '2' to '8' in the clean version (checking each
relevant section in the files above) and ran CM again: no connection to yahoo.

I also did the opposite: I changed the account number from '8' to '6' in the
initial .claws-mail version. RESULT: there still IS connection to yahoo. I also
tried changing '8' to '2' - same, still connection to yahoo.

I remember a few days ago by mistake I did some drag and drop of one or two the
accounts in the window which lists all accounts. This resulted in duplicated
accounts and I had to delete the duplicates. I am mentioning this because it
may in some way be related to the non-sequential account IDs. But still I can't
find what the exact mathematical or logical relationship may be.

So this is totally mysterious to me.

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