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> In the headers the things to specifically look at include:
>   Delivered-To:
>   X-Orig-To:
>   To:
> The "Delivered-To:" value should be the address of the mailbox you
> retrieved the message from. The other two addresses, if not the same
> as the "Delivered-To", could be indications of addresses that are
> aliases/distribution lists/etc.
> There are other bits in the "received" lines, but the above can
> generally help to sort out the obvious.
Thanks for that - I shall pay attention to those fields.


> I'm still trying to understand what you are trying to describe.
> You said, "The second account keeps receiving messages addressed to
> the first", but then said (I think) that you have an IMAP account and> an SMTP-only, but this latter cannot receive mail at all, it's a
> send-only account.
> You have not managed to describe your mailboxes or, with any
> certainty, what accounts you have. Until you can at least do this, I
> cannot even begin to help you.
Urm well here is the set-up using fake addresses:

Account 1:  george at phonecoop.coop IMAP for RX and SMTP for TX.
Account 2:  fox at phonecoop.coop IMAP for Rx and SMTP for TX.

Account 1 is the default account. SOME messages for 'george' go to
'fox'. They are not duplicates or copies just the original message.
I cannot be any clearer than that. Cheers, Paul.
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