[Users] "From"-field in an mail-answer doesn't match with the "To" in the replied mail

Jeremy Nicoll jn.ml.clwm.729 at letterboxes.org
Sat Mar 17 00:43:38 CET 2018

On Fri, 16 Mar 2018, at 23:01, Christoph Stracke wrote:
> Paul <claws at thewildbeast.co.uk> schrieb:
> > The description was hard to make sense of, I found.
> Okay, another try … ;-)
> I have several mail-accounts, assuming
> 1. abc at xyz.xy
> 2. cde at wxy.xy
> 3. efg at uvw.xy
> All mails will be collected from my provider and send to zzz at aaa.xy.
> From this last account, claws takes the incoming mails.
> When I answer to a mail then, addressed to (1.), the answer-address is
> "abc at xyz.xy". When I answer to a mail addressed to (2.), the
> answer-address will be "cde at wxy.xy" and so on.
> But when a mail to one of the accounts 1-3 either comes from a mailing
> list or as a "Bcc", claws will always take zzz at aaa.xy as the
> answer-address, and I have to change it manually to the correct address
> every time.
> When I look into the header (with Ctrl-h), I can see, that the field
> "envelope-to" contains the correct address (1-3), which should be used
> as the answer-address, when I answer to this mail. But claws doesn't
> take the content of "envelope-to" as the answer-address, but instead
> the content of "delivered-to" (which is always "zzz at aaa.xy" in this
> case).
> I hope, that I have described it comprehensible now. If not, please
> apologize my crude english (I'm not a native speaker …).

I don't know the Claws-isms for this (I lurk here because I'm 
considering starting to use Claws, but don't now).  But using 
either webmail or (in the past other email clients) the way I 
deal with this is to filter incoming mails which arrive with 
envelope-to set to eg clawsmail at my.domain to a folder which
will only contain that mail-list's traffic.  Then I configure that 
/folder/ so that any reply I send to such a mail goes to the mail-
list address.  The webmail system(*) then ignores the contents 
of the incoming mail's headers and does what I told it to do.

  * except in fastmail's web interface where a bug means this 
     doesn't work  properly

This does require a webmail system or client that's sufficiently 
versatile to let one do that.  I use separate email addresses for 
different mail lists etc - currently somewhere between 600 and 
900 different addresses, in fact, so there are lots of folders, and 
lots of work setting it all up.  

(Not all addresses have their own folders - groups of addresses 
whose mails I rarely reply to get to share some folders.  In those 
cases I have to pick the reply address I want to use from a drop-
down menu.  Neither of the webmail systems I use are perfect 
for this.  In the email client I used a few years ago I had filters 
set to monitor my outgoing mail looking for sender addresses 
that seemed not to match the sort of place I was sending mail 
to; that was possible because there are regex-detectable
patterns in the outgoing addresses I use.)

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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