[Users] "From"-field in an mail-answer doesn't match with the "To" in the replied mail

Christoph Stracke christoph at miedermacher.de
Sat Mar 17 00:01:04 CET 2018

Paul <claws at thewildbeast.co.uk> schrieb:

> The description was hard to make sense of, I found.

Okay, another try … ;-)

I have several mail-accounts, assuming

1. abc at xyz.xy
2. cde at wxy.xy
3. efg at uvw.xy

All mails will be collected from my provider and send to zzz at aaa.xy.
From this last account, claws takes the incoming mails.

When I answer to a mail then, addressed to (1.), the answer-address is
"abc at xyz.xy". When I answer to a mail addressed to (2.), the
answer-address will be "cde at wxy.xy" and so on.

But when a mail to one of the accounts 1-3 either comes from a mailing
list or as a "Bcc", claws will always take zzz at aaa.xy as the
answer-address, and I have to change it manually to the correct address
every time.

When I look into the header (with Ctrl-h), I can see, that the field
"envelope-to" contains the correct address (1-3), which should be used
as the answer-address, when I answer to this mail. But claws doesn't
take the content of "envelope-to" as the answer-address, but instead
the content of "delivered-to" (which is always "zzz at aaa.xy" in this

I hope, that I have described it comprehensible now. If not, please
apologize my crude english (I'm not a native speaker …).

If you think, it's really a bug: How can I report it?

Thank you

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