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>> 'Fraid not. Claws runs stand-alone with no connection to
>> Fastmail as I>> said previously. I run Fastmail via its web-interface and it has no
>> connection with the Claws Mail service provider.
>> Thanks and Regards,
> Holy moly.  If Claws is not connecting to Fastmail via IMAP,
> what is it> connecting to?  I was unaware Claws had a service provider.  Who might> that be?
This is nothing special - I just use the email facility provided by my
Internet/Land Line supplier and Claws is my interface.

And . . . 

Paul I have been looking at headers but can find nothing that looks odd
to me but I am not a 'geek'. Soooo I think I may just uninstall Claws
and re-do it all from scratch. Nothing to be lost in doing that as all
the profiles/whatever are backed up daily.
Thanks for advice.

Regards - Paul.
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