[Users] Creating threads manually

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Wed Jul 18 11:51:07 CEST 2018

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018 09:04:16 +0200 H.Merijn Brand

> You've got an older perl than I do.

I use whatever openSUSE Leap 42.3 has on official repo:

[~]:  rpm -q perl

> If that is undefined, continuing is useless and
> something went wrong in an earlier stage.

Strangely, even when that happened re-parenting worked.
There is only one case so far for which I found that
it didn't.

> > Any idea how to fix that?  
> Not unless I can get the full files.

Unfortunately I didn't keep track exactly with which
files it happened.

> Can it be that you are re-parenting messages the do
> not (yet) have a Message-Id?

Testing with your new version, it seems to be that
"only case" mentioned above. Strangely: that
particular message was sent through Claws Mail, yet
for some reason the script says it has no Message-Id.
Any idea how to fix the file so that I can re-parent it

> I have attached a safer version that skips
> files/messages with no Message-Id and refuses to
> work if the parent file has no Message-Id

Thank you so much!

BTW I see that after the action completes, the last
message in the thread remains selected. That is: after
having selected A-D and run the action, only D
remains selected:

      +- B
      +- C
      +- D [selected]

I wonder: is it possible instead to have all messages
except the first one to remain selected? Like this:

      +- B [selected]
      +- C [selected]
      +- D [selected]

Then it will be very easy and fast to create the

      +- B
         +- C
            +- D

by simply re-running the action without the need to
select many messages each and every time. With a
shortcut key it will really fly.

Another thing: once I made a mistake and threaded
messages which should not be threaded. I had to go and
manually delete In-Reply-To and references to undo
that. Perhaps (if you have the time and desire) you can
make a script which also unparents messages which will
make the combination of the two an excellent


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