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H.Merijn Brand h.m.brand at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 17 11:21:31 CEST 2018

On Tue, 17 Jul 2018 12:04:33 +0300, Removed GDPR <removed-gdpr at example.com>

> > I envision a plug-in that enables drag-and-drop a
> > mail on another mail in the list-view that modifies
> > (or adds) the In-Reply-To header in the dragged mail
> > to the Message-Id in the dropped-on mail. ---  
> Have you filed a feature request about it?

No, I did not. I somehow find it rude to add issues to software when I
just come from related other software. It might already have a feature
I am looking for or it might have reasons not to support said feature.

> I see a 10-year old bug #1554 mentioning something about threads.


That mentions external commands/actions

What I want it relatively easy to do with an external perl script, but
I never wanted it enough to find out how to determine the arguments.

With actions, the file associated with the message of the action is
clear, but it for sure is not what the file of the message is where I
want to drop the message on: an action is on one message or a group of
messages, so drag-and-drop won't work.

What /could/ work is selecting the two messages and invoke an action on
it and have that action find out the order. In that case, do NOT use
the Date: tag, as it is very often wrong. Use the first Received: tag
in both files for determining the order.

It still does not do the intuitive.

> Considering the note that mutt can do this I wonder if
> it can be used as an external command in Claws.
> http://cedricduval.free.fr/mutt/patches/#threads

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