[Users] Creating threads manually

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Tue Jul 17 11:04:33 CEST 2018

On Tue, 17 Jul 2018 08:46:38 +0200 H.Merijn Brand

> Maybe repeating the quest and suggestion here might
> trigger someone with those skills now two years after
> Long story short:
> ---
> I envision a plug-in that enables drag-and-drop a
> mail on another mail in the list-view that modifies
> (or adds) the In-Reply-To header in the dragged mail
> to the Message-Id in the dropped-on mail. ---

Have you filed a feature request about it? I see a
10-year old bug #1554 mentioning something about

Considering the note that mutt can do this I wonder if
it can be used as an external command in Claws.


> Safest would be a drag-and-drop with the right
> button and options popping up

Imagine having to drag 100 messages in a thread... It
seems much easier to be able to just select all
messages and let the software thread them by
timestamp. In case of non-linearity/forks I would
rather use keyboard, e.g. Ctrl+Up/Down or
Ctrl+Left/Right (or Tab/Shift+Tab) to position the
message and its follow-ups in the thread. Similar to
how one moves lines and indents text in a code editor.
But of course I am painting a house which as far as I
understand is not even planned for building.


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