[Users] Reporting bugs (was: Re: not showing html email)

Cristian Secară liste at secarica.ro
Sat Jun 17 14:00:53 CEST 2017

În data de Sat, 17 Jun 2017 13:07:52 +0200, Ricardo Mones a scris:

> > Note that I'm not complaining about this procedure, but I am not
> > surprised that some users will not complete all the hoops, shake
> > heads, and walk on.  
> Well, yes everything requires some effort. Unfortunately effort is
> very low valued nowadays... now try to count the hoops required to
> understand and fix a bug report ;-)

Over the time (~years) I encountered some bugs while using OpenOffice
and then LibreOffice. To me it always seemed way too complicated to
search and find where a bug should be reported there, to try to find
out if same bug is perhaps already reported, if not then to pass all the
subscription and report procedure, perhaps also generate some
screenshots if applicable, so in the end I never reported anything.
I considered it to be much more efficient to either cease use that
particular feature that lead to the bug, or to use MS Office instead :)


Cristian Secară

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