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Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Thu Jun 15 17:02:35 CEST 2017


I'm a FLOSS + free as in beer software user. In my experiences the
approach of filing bugs using a bug tracker works very well and very
pleasant. Yes, sometimes I don't have the time to report a bug, but as
soon as a bug affects my workflow, I always take the time to report the

Not using a bug tracker doesn't work very well.

Ubuntu tries to provide something that seems to fit better to your
taste, the so called "Ubuntu One" account. In theory it's good, but in
practise it's a pain in the ass. Related to spammers you now anyway
need to subscribe to special groups, e.g. to edit the Wiki. The Ubuntu
One account is very slow, sometimes it's impossible to log in. In
addition the bug tracker is nearly impossible to use without Ubuntu's
spying software. So called "user-friendliness" often is just an
idiotic, unnecessary PITA that makes things more complicated.

Note! Linux and FreeBSD FLOSS isn't competing with proprietary, closed
source operating systems and user space software. Users used to pay for
support or to use cracked software are free to follow this approach.
There's no need to migrate to Linux or FreeBSD. I dislike if too much of
the odd ideas from this proprietary approaches is taken over by FLOSS

Don't change a winning team!

The old school mailing list, bug tracker and Wiki approaches worked,
work and will work very good, without hiccups. Attempts to improve it
only make experienced users stay away, since those attempts introduce
nothing positive, they usually just fail to work and make things more
complicated, just more pleasant for hackers, see the Ubuntu One idea,
with all it's failure, group accounts and idiotic bug reporting
software, that makes reporting a bug harder to do and in addition very
dangerous, too, since inexperienced users much likely will add logs
with credit card numbers, passwords and other secret data.


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