[Users] What's processing marks ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Feb 17 19:27:20 CET 2017


> If you leave messages on the server then they'll be on the
> server. The indication that messages have already been received is
> stored locally not on the server. If you delete a message from your
> MH mailbox that does not delete it on the server. It seems to me that
> you are completely mistaken over all of this.

Not mistaken (because, really, i know all that) -- but confused.

I had configured the /Configuration/Preferences/Display/Summaries setting to "delete or move immediately". I never ever used the alternate setting.

Yesterday, i POP'd mails and found an unread message from the same day, under to a predecessor from a few days ago - a little thread of 2.

I marked both messages and dragged them to another folder. Then suddenly the popup appeared asking me about processing marks.

I answered "no" and then both messages disappeared, like deleted. They weren't in the trash either.

Since my POP setting is not to remove any messages after receiving, i expected the message to still be on the server after that.

But i couldn't find them on the server either.

Now wouldn't you agree this was confusing ?

That's why i wonder if the setting on the other machine (remove messages after 5 days) was somehow involved.

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