[Users] Surprising actions behavior

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Tue Dec 26 01:11:29 CET 2017

On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 01:17:00 +0200 Shai Berger wrote:

>> 3) I defined a mark-as-spam action using a filter-action, to do the
>> following:
>> - Execute a command (train my Bayesian filter that it's spam)
>> - Mark the message read
>> - Mark the message as spam
>> - Move the message to the junk folder
>> This looked like it did the first three, but failed to move the
>> message to the junk folder. At first, there was a "stop" in the end
>> (because the action was originally translated from a KMail filter), I
>> removed it and it didn't change anything. Then I tried to promote the
>> "move" operation so it ran earlier in the sequence.
>> 3a) In the filter-action editor, I could move it wherever I liked, but
>> when I pressed OK, it wouldn't move before the mark_as_read.
>> 3b) So I had the actions ordered as "execute, mark_as_read, move,
>> mark_as_spam" -- and now the messages are moved, but not marked as
>> spam. Is the filter-action in Actions limited to 3 actions only?

Once you move a message, it's no longer accessible.  Make all changes to
a message before moving it. Failure to move sounds like my bug report:


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