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Dňa Thu, 7 Dec 2017 20:19:21 +0100 Michael <codejodler at gmx.ch> napísal:

> Paul wrote,
> > Since using PGP/GPG is not difficult or inconvenient  
> I also know many E-Mail users (mostly form the Windows and Apple
> worlds) who generally and wholeheartedly refuse to learn something
> 'technical' about using their computer. I  know the common arguments
> how that is wrong. But it is no more true today that you need to
> understand technology just to be able to use it,  rather, people even
> expect technology just to work out of the box and (if they got hte
> money) leave anything else to service.

BTW, my 17 years old students are able to use GnuPG on Windows, where
it is not installed by default.

> The majority of todays internet users expect stuff like whatsapp, it
> just encrypts end-to-end, and you do not have to bother about it.*)

I consider "false security" to be worse than no security. If someone is
not willing to learn how to use tools as GnuPG is, they have do not use
them at all.

It is the same, as if someone don't want to learn how to lock his
home's door. One can use someone other, who will be locking/unlocking
them for he - but that person then can unlock his door for others too.

The security *is* or *is not* (as the gravidity), anything between is
false security.


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