[Users] autocrypt

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 7 20:19:21 CET 2017

Paul wrote,

> Since using PGP/GPG is not difficult or inconvenient

What's easy for you, and maybe most people on this list, might be difficult for others. 

How much is the global percentage of Email users who use PGP, what do you think ? I bet it's like 20%. And what do you think is the reason. 

And the majority would not start configuring PGP just when they suddenly have some specially private / critical communication, maybe just for lacking time (- they first need to understand things), instead they would rather leave Email aside and move to voice call (hoping it won't be recorded). 
Or just stay with unsigned Email and simply ignore the problem.
And even if it's not logical, this does not mean they don't care about internet privacy; rather, they've given up on it because it was justb a little bit too hard to understand. 

I also know many E-Mail users (mostly form the Windows and Apple worlds) who generally and wholeheartedly refuse to learn something 'technical' about using their computer. I  know the common arguments how that is wrong. But it is no more true today that you need to understand technology just to be able to use it,  rather, people even expect technology just to work out of the box and (if they got hte money) leave anything else to service.

The majority of todays internet users expect stuff like whatsapp, it just encrypts end-to-end, and you do not have to bother about it.*)

That's why i asked about autocrypt, if you think it's useful approach, as an idea or philosophy, a step in the Evolution of Email ? 

*) while in fact you already agreed from the beginning to give that part of your privacy to Facebook anyway, or Google or Microsoft. But i think this is another story.

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