[Users] autocrypt

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Dec 8 01:18:11 CET 2017


> BTW, my 17 years old students are able to use GnuPG on Windows, where
> it is not installed by default.

I'm no more student myself, but know about 20 first semester students and i'm pretty sure that about 15 of them don't even know what PGP is or does.

(They're all using Email of course)

So what ?

> I consider "false security" to be worse than no security. 

I agree (and i never said i'm personally happy with whatsapp)

> If someone is not willing to learn how to use tools as GnuPG is, they have do not use
> them at all.

Yes, "they do not have" ... this is wishful thinking but simply does not reflect reality, because they all just do Email, anyway.

And do you really want to tell them off ?? Like, several hundred million ?

> It is the same, as if someone don't want to learn how to lock his
> home's door.

Modern home doors lock themselves when you shut them. And this is standard for new houses (at least in Germany) today, no matter if city or village. 
The times when you would not expext evil people are long gone ...

> The security *is* or *is not* (as the gravidity), anything between is
> false security.

I think that's too black-white, since there is no absolute security with whatever-system anyway. It's just a matter of time and knowledge (or evil intent), and you can only make it harder to exploit. So, in my eyes, a little more security adding up to say 60% is better than 30% or none.

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