[Users] FYI: Bad date formats and sorting...

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Wed Jun 1 15:19:38 CEST 2016

On Wed, 1 Jun 2016 06:40:28 -0400 Jim Seymour wrote:

>Odd.  I just looked at my CERT folder:
>| Subject: TA16-144A: WPAD Name Collision Vulnerability
>| Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 15:22:06 -0500
>| To: jseymour at linxnet.com
>| From: "US-CERT" <US-CERT at ncas.us-cert.gov>
>Looks right to me.

Then you never submitted a report... :)  The weekly reports are
correct; the bad date was in a message to all past reporters...
Subject: NTIA Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Survey [INFO#558540]

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