[Users] Problem with sorting method inside threads with same Subject

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Wed Sep 30 19:23:06 CEST 2015

On Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:39:46 +0000
Augustin Doury <augustindoury at gmail.com> wrote:

> My first time on this mailing : hi everybody !
> I'm new on ClawsMail after leaving Thunderbird. My first impressions are
> really good.
> It's like the thread sorting option is sorting my emails just by
> date/subject and not by "conversation". When I send emails, I sometimes let
> the subject empty "". So when people answer me, the subject is "Re:" and
> when they answer me again it's "Re:Re:Re:" an so on.
> But I have differents conversations with different people and the thread
> sorting option of ClawsMail mix everything.
> For example I have this kind of thread :
> > Re:        Conversation1        09/07/15
>    Re:        Conversation2        09/11/15
>       Re:        Conversation3        09/21/15
>       Re:        Conversation3        09/21/15
>        Re:        Conversation4        09/30/15
>        Re:        Conversation4        09/30/15
>        Re:        Conversation4        09/30/15
>       Re:        Conversation2        09/11/15
>      Re:        Conversation1        09/08/15
>       Re:        Conversation1        09/08/15
>        Re:        Conversation1        09/09/15
>      Re:        Conversation1        09/07/15
> As you can see I sent emails today (conversation4) without subject, when my
> contact answer me, this new message was far away in my mailbox (near
> 09/07/15 instead of 09/30/15).
> How to manage this ?
> Thanks in advance :)
> Augustin

Since sorting is based (in part) on subject you could start using a subject.
That would allow the recipient to know what the message is about (good
manners/etiquette on a mail list).

You could possibly assign some kind of label/tag to each recipient (i.e.;
persons initials).

QUESTION:  How are you starting a new message thread?  Are you starting a new
message thread from scratch (ctrl-M) or just reusing an existing thread and
changing (deleting) the subject? If reusing, be aware that a "thread" has a
thread number which is used along with the subject for sorting,  In that case a
message to a different person/list would still have the same thread number and
with no subject would all sort to the same folder.



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