[Users] extending matcherrc

Chris Hirst claws-mail at fy3.co.uk
Tue Nov 10 19:56:31 CET 2015


Is it possible to extend the filtering and processing rules in matcherrc using includes or something similar?

I collect mail from several "honeypot" and 'catchall', use claws to move the messages into a series of sub-folders where I run scripts that extracts subjects, senders, return-path and reply-to headers and build SpamAssassin filter rules that are then uploaded to the four mail servers that I have the dubious pleasure of managing. This is all a "one-click" operation but the scripts also build a set of processing rules for claws that I have to copy and paste in to matcherrc so I then know that anything left behind in the folder after I run another mail collection on the honeypot account(s) is new and I need to run the filter update.

Being able to have my update scripts create a file in ~/.claws-mail that is read in with matcherrc on claws start up would make the process just that little bit 'smoother'.


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