[Users] Schedule for Ubuntu PPA Update

Charles Lipton crlipton at gol.com
Mon May 13 07:42:40 CEST 2013

On Sun, 12 May 2013 08:57:52 +0200
Colin Leroy <colin at colino.net> wrote:

>Maybe you could explain what makes Fancy dissatisfying using actual
>examples and arguments, that may be more constructive and help us
>making it better.


The PCs in question now use Kubuntu 13.04 and are set up for four
languages and text alternatives: English, German, Japanese, and
Traditional Chinese which are switched via iBus.  I only have English
set as a Preferred Language (and LANG=8-bit Unicode) because selecting
all four in KDE System Settings causes Claws Mail (and no other program
I regularly use) to open with Japanese menus and toolbars with pull down
menus that are a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and German. Since I read
English faster than any of the other three, I prefer English menus and
messages to save having to think too hard.

The problems with Fancy have been observed in several different *nix
installs I have tried over the past six months but I'm going to confine
my comments to just my current system and OS.

- Fancy has problems parsing East Asian text. It regularly throws up
  blocks of garbage characters instead of text.  The problem is not
  confined to a single website or mail source and it does not always
  occur on the same website or mail source every time. 

  If the developeris familiar with the Japanese computing term
  "mojibake" that is the issue.  

- Although Fancy is set to accept remote images, they do not always
  load.  If I double click the empty space, the images load about 2/3
  of the time.  There is no error message when their is a load failure
  and I have not found any comment in an error log.  
  If it matters, my default browser is Firefox with Java and Javascript
  use set to "ask me first" when using the browser.

- On some LinkedIn and Javari-powered websites, in particular, the
  complete message loads in Claws Mail and then the mouse becomes
  unresponsive within the page.  Neither right or left clicking
  anywhere in the page, including the However, the "X" in the corner
  allows me to force Claws Mail to close and I am able to remove the
  offending post from my Inbox folder or sub-folder in Dolphin before
  re-starting Claws Mail. Again, no error log is generated.

- There is also an issue with lines of text being compressed on a
  specific site, but I am unable to say whether that is caused by Fancy
  or is error on the part of the sender.

As for the rush to upgrade to 3.9.1, I am currently having crash issues
with the present version despite not using the Oxygen theme or using any
other style, icon, or GTK theme.  

Charles Lipton
crlipton at gol.com

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