[Users] Schedule for Ubuntu PPA Update

sylpheed at 911networks.com sylpheed at 911networks.com
Sun May 12 02:52:51 CEST 2013

On Sun, 12 May 2013 08:36:37 +0900
Charles Lipton <crlipton at gol.com> wrote:

>I am completely dissatisfied with Fancy and consider it a work in
>progress that needs to be taken back behind the wall for more work
>before it gets inflicted on the public again.


I'm the public. I use Fancy and I like it. I prefer it to gtkhtml2. I'm
very happy for Fancy, it has just the right amount of features for me.

I do take offense of how you talk to the developers. Politeness and
civility goes a long way when you want somebody to help you. 

If you do not like 391, stay with 390 or find some other software
(thunderbird, balsa, pine, mutt...) or write your own...

BTW, I want to thank everybody for all the hard work.

When the network has to work

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