[Users] Schedule for Ubuntu PPA Update

Charles Lipton crlipton at gol.com
Sun May 12 01:36:37 CEST 2013

When will the .deb to upgrade to 3.9.1 be ready for *buntu installs?
The web site still shows only 3.9.0 and the newest PPA version does not
yet include v.13.04 "raring."

Like several other commenters, I am concerned that two plugins I depend
on are no longer supported -- gtkhtml2 and trayicon.  I installed both
for very specific reasons.  I am completely dissatisfied with Fancy and
consider it a work in progress that needs to be taken back behind the
wall for more work before it gets inflicted on the public again.  

Charles Lipton
crlipton at gol.com

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