[Users] Build failure on Ubuntu 12.10 for claws-mail-extra-plugins

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Wed Oct 3 15:55:19 CEST 2012

Ricardo Mones <ricardo at mones.org> schrieb:
>> Why is gdata any more introducing the problem than mailmbox? Or, in
>> other words: Could it do anything to solve the issue?
>True, it's not any plugin fault, just a dependency problem, but since
>a gdata dependency, seems the appropriate candidate for separate build.
>Separating mailmbox because of a gdata dependency change sounds strange
>to me, but YMMV, of course

I still don't get the reasoning, but that's probably because I know next to nothing about packaging. 

We have two plugins, both have dependencies, which in turn also have dependencies, which conflict. It'd you separated mailmbox,  it would be because of mailmbox dependencies, just like the other way round. I don't see how anybody is more the culprit than the other. 

Actually,  i t seems strange that mailmbox has a dependency on curl in the first place. 

>Sure, but the purpose of separating source packages is to keep both,
>to throw away one in favour of the other.

Okay, I thought the question is what gets installed when the user installs the extra-plugins metapackage. Source packages don't really matter at all I guess, because a user wanting these knows his way around well enough anyways. 

>  Don't understand what are you referring with this or how this relates
>with the problem, sorry.

If a distribution based on GNOME components has problems building or running stuff with a libgdata dependency, this seems like a more general problem because that library is used in multiple core desktop components. 

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