[Users] Claws not downloading mail (how do I check and prove the matter?)

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Mon Nov 12 17:48:07 CET 2012

I don't think (but don't know with certainty), but I don't think that
it is a Claws failure.

But how do I check and prove the matter?

How do I prove that it is not Claws's fault?

I can do screencasts, here's for starters:

Iskon not letting Claws-mail download messages for me?

(In that sense, pls. Claws-mail people, allow my sending a copy of this
message to croatian-news at googlegroups.com because I have earnest
doubts this is also freedom of speech issue, not only tech ("Iskon" is
my provider). Thank you!)

This is the most recent try:

# cat  /home/miro/.claws-mail/claws.log
[16:57:32] * message: Account 'mirovis at pop.iskon.hr': Connecting to
POP3 server: pop.iskon.hr... [16:57:32] POP3< +OK
[16:57:32] POP3> USER mirovis
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 
[16:57:32] POP3> PASS ********
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 
[16:57:32] POP3> STAT
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 73 1719575
[16:57:32] POP3> UIDL
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 
[16:57:32] POP3> LIST
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 
[16:57:32] POP3> QUIT
[16:57:32] POP3< +OK 

But downloads nothing...

I changed notthing in the meantime in Claws conf. And it did send and
download fine in the first few hours that I used it.

I moved all the thunderbird folders with claws-mail-tbird2claws and it
worked just fine in the first few hours that I used it.

But now not.

Last time I got something downloaded is:

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 14:40:15 +1100

or, the previous one, in CET (my part of planet):

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 04:36:48 +0100

The "Date..." lines above are copied from the ultimate and penultimate
(last) two messages in the inbox.

Afterwards, no matter how I tried, I cannot download anything from my
provider's servers.

Webmail works, I can see all the new messages there.

Sending also works (unless it stopped with this one), but no receiving
of mail.

I don't think it is a Claws issue, but how do I check it and if Claws
is fine, how do I prove it to them?


Miroslav Rovis

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