[Users] Further crash in cvs44

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Tue Dec 11 14:01:01 CET 2012

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:00:02 +0000, Brian Morrison <bdm at fenrir.org.uk>

> One thing I have noticed. If I rebuild the Claws packages and freshen
> the installed rpms, Claws often crashes. It never used to do that
> before the last half dozen cvs versions. Relevant? I'm not sure.

Are you talking about cvs-based packages ? Or release ? 

> Will post logs when I get something helpful. Since your change in
> cvs44, Claws does run for longer without crashing, it might be the
> freshened rpms caused the crash rather than the nntp date related
> thing.

That would be surprising, though... 


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