[Users] [Bug 2451] Notification does not work on imap.gmail.com

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Mon Aug 20 09:58:10 CEST 2012

  Hi Holger,

On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 08:54:42PM +0200, Holger Berndt wrote:
> On Fr, 17.08.2012 09:39, Ricardo Mones wrote:
> >  So there's a way the plugin can detect only (as is an independent
> >checkbox) unread mails and set the WM urgency hint accordingly, isn't it?
> >
> >  My deduction is that he same way could be used to show the popup only
> >on unread mails.
> That's rather different, conceptually as well as implementation-wise.
> The window manager urgency hint (like the icon choice in the trayicon,
> by the way) are status indicators. If new (or unread) messages exist,
> they indicate the respective status. Continuously, until there are no
> new (or unread) messages anymore.
> Therefore, they don't suffer the problem that one-shot notifiers (like
> a popup) have - namely to shoot only once. In case of IMAP, even
> accross machines / MUAs.
> Having e.g. the trayicon show the existence of unread messages as a
> status makes sense. However, as the plugin is not aiming at repetitive
> or periodic popup notifications, by definition, it doesn't make any
> sense to trigger a popup for non-new messages. If something like that
> is implemented, it's not a feature - it's an ugly workaround for
> provider limitations.

  Understood, thanks for the detailed explanation!

> Implementation-wise, it's also quite different. In case of status
> indicators, you just need to look at message counts, or at most the
> current status - something that's trivial to do in Claws Mail. For
> one-shot notifications, you need a memory, which is more complex.

  Indeed, but in case of IMAP servers the memory could be already the
own server so status is kept regardless where Claws Mail is run. Just
a (probably crazy) idea ;)

  Ricardo Mones 
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