[Users] [Bug 2451] Notification does not work on imap.gmail.com

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Fri Aug 17 20:54:42 CEST 2012

On Fr, 17.08.2012 09:39, Ricardo Mones wrote:

>  So there's a way the plugin can detect only (as is an independent
>checkbox) unread mails and set the WM urgency hint accordingly, isn't it?
>  My deduction is that he same way could be used to show the popup only
>on unread mails.

That's rather different, conceptually as well as implementation-wise.

The window manager urgency hint (like the icon choice in the trayicon,
by the way) are status indicators. If new (or unread) messages exist,
they indicate the respective status. Continuously, until there are no
new (or unread) messages anymore.

Therefore, they don't suffer the problem that one-shot notifiers (like
a popup) have - namely to shoot only once. In case of IMAP, even
accross machines / MUAs.

Having e.g. the trayicon show the existence of unread messages as a
status makes sense. However, as the plugin is not aiming at repetitive
or periodic popup notifications, by definition, it doesn't make any
sense to trigger a popup for non-new messages. If something like that
is implemented, it's not a feature - it's an ugly workaround for
provider limitations.

Implementation-wise, it's also quite different. In case of status
indicators, you just need to look at message counts, or at most the
current status - something that's trivial to do in Claws Mail. For
one-shot notifications, you need a memory, which is more complex.

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