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Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Sat Apr 7 23:33:51 CEST 2012


> Or, a lot of people are going XFCE, and the way you do that is just
> about the same as LXDE.

Have you tried both? I was using LXDE in my LTSP environment more than
one year and some time in my home computer. Now i am using XFCE cca one
year. The XFCE is not the same as LXDE.

LXDE is OpenBox with some small tools integrated as DE, very poor. In LXDE
the integration a lot of today tools are missing - for me the most was
power management for power saving, compositing for transparency of some
applications. And most one - support for two monitors (with different
resolution) with xinerama - by different monitors height the panel has
some problems and OpenBox was not able to solve two desktop's background by
simple way. Here is lack of graphic configuration tool for OpenBox too.
But here can be some progress in last year...

LXDE is lighter than XFCE, but running LibreOffice with Java and Firefox
can decrease the difference :-)

I never used Gnome or Unity - i was switching from KDE4 and his horrible
VGA requirements - the nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 220] was not
enough for some games and KDE :-(

I was tried Linux Mint, both Ubuntu and Debian versions, but only in
VirtualBox and without many of my obvious tools. These experiences seems,
that this is pure Ubuntu (Debian) with Mint decorations/styles.

IMHO, if you have good experience with CM under Ubuntu, this can be in
Mint exactly the same...


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