[Users] Claws Mail 4.1.0 and 3.19.0 unleashed!!!

Paul paul at claws-mail.org
Sun Apr 3 10:42:11 UTC 2022

3rd April 2022                              Claws Mail 3.19.0 / 4.1.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast 
email client.

New in this release:

* Text zooming in the Message View is now possible, using CTRL+mouse
  wheel up/down, CRTL+touchpad two-fingered vertical swiping, or
  the Message View's right-click menu.

* GtkColorChooser is now used in the Spell Checking preferences,
  Colour Label preferences, and the folder Properties pages.

* 'Default From:' has been added to the Compose page of the folder
  Properties. This allows setting an email address which will
  override the Account's email address.

* An option has been added to the 'General' page of the folder
  Properties, 'Skip folder when searching for unread or new
  messages', so that the folder can be skipped when using Go To
  next/previous unread/new message.

* 'By Sender' has been added to '/Tools/Create filtering rule/...'
  and '/Tools/Create processing rule/...'

* The option 'Run processing rules before marking all messages in a
  folder as read or unread' has been added to

* It is now possible to add a toolbar button to 'Run folder
  processing rules'.

* The Actions configuration list now has 'Top' and 'Bottom' buttons.

* In '/Tools/List URLs' it is now possible to CTRL+c or right-click
  a list item and 'Copy URL'; copying multiple selections is also
  Phishing URLs are now indicated in red by default. This uses the
  colour defined in the hidden preference, log_error_color.

* The method of handling Tags has been improved.

* When using the separate Message View the Enter key will open the
  currently selected message in the Message List. So, for example,
  if you delete the current message, pressing Enter will open the
  next message without having to leave the separate Message View.

* The quicksearch type-ahead keypress delay is now customizable
  using a hidden preference ("qs_press_timeout").

* Improvements to the storage of OAuth2 refresh tokens.

* A "View all" button has been added to the Themes preferences page
  in order to preview all icons of a theme.

* The term 'master passphrase' has been replaced in the UI with
  'primary passphrase'.

* The label 'SSL/TLS' has been replaced with 'TLS' in the UI.

* chmod 0600 is set on log files, history files, saved parts, etc.

* "Keyword Warner" plugin has been added. This shows a warning when
  sending or queueing a message and a reference to one or more
  user-defined keywords are found in the message text.

* Adding a new RSSyl feed or subscribing to a Webcal will
  automatically suggest using any suitable URI found on the

* The user manuals have been updated.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English,
  Catalan, Czech, French, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Russian,
  Slovak, Spanish, Turkish.

* bug fixes:
	o bug 4312, 'litehtml plugin loops (hangup)'
	o bug 4346, 'Error: Certificate is for invalid2.invalid, but
		     connection is to imap.gmail.com'
	o bug 4442, 'vcalendar segfault if in invitation email and
		     switch to another folder'
	o bug 4495, 'Improve text strings for OAuth2'
	o bug 4496, 'Fancy crashes when opening an email'
	o bug 4511, 'Uses deprecated ghostscript operator'
	o bug 4513, 'msg window too small in 3 column layout'
	o bug 4517, 'Thread safety issues in signature checking code'
	o bug 4524, 'Problems exiting/closing Claws Mail'
	o bug 4534, 'Address book causing claws to terminate
	o bug 4535, 'Setting msgview_date_format=1 does not work'
	o bug 4536, 'Tab for address selects second entry'
	o bug 4556, 'Filesize in kilobytes versus kibibytes'
	o bug 4577, 'Fancy plugin with GTK3 seems to ignore content
	o when using 'hide_timezone' use UTC when generating
	o non-translation of some button labels
	o the initial position of the (X-)Face image
	o return receipts from accounts without a name
	o folderview pixmaps not being updated after icon theme
	  change until restart
	o spell checker underlining when black is chosen
	o text on various buttons
	o scrolling in a message's attachments bar (scrolling left or
	  right were scrolling down).
	o scrolling not working when GTK smooth scroll is set
	o scroll to next/prev page in pdf_viewer
	o build error with -Werror=format-security
	o invalid crypto engine (gpgme_op_verify failed)
	o vCalendar tooltip in Day View showed the wrong month.
	o View Log button
	o when closing Compose window dialogue requesting choice from
	  user is not shown and some options are lost in drafted copy
	o weird logic with the 'Edit filter action' dialog
	o resource leaks; memory corruption

For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above
see https://www.claws-mail.org/bug/[BUG NUMBER]

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

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