[Users] vCalendar limit the time frame loaded?

Brian bvamundsen at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 3 16:32:04 CET 2020

I'm trying to use vCalendar plugin to view my gcalendar and add
entries. The problem is that when imported it captured over 9,000
entries, which are mostly anniversary yearly reminders for family and
friends from the day they were started until 2119. 

I realize this may be a gcalendar group question, but Is there a
way to limit the repeats or sync time period with the vCalendar during

I also struggled to get vCalendar working with gcalendar and wonder if
I've done it correctly. Is there some installation and setup examples
for vCalendar more than just the pictures provided on the plugin page?

Thanks, I've been a Claws-mail user since 2004 and recommend it to many.

Pax tecum, absit iniuria;

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