[Users] Compiling from source

Robert Harkins 15044 at rharkins.com
Mon Nov 25 19:55:41 CET 2019

Thanks for the reply Ricardo,

> > Compiling from git has been accomplished on a virtual machine
> > running FreeBSD 12.1 with inconsistent HTML results.  
> Can you explain this a bit?

On a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.1 as a VirtualBox guest, compiled from
git repo.  The published dependencies were dealt with and then all the
issues from compiling.  sshfs would not mount from the file server
(FreeBSD 11.3).  FreeBSD now states that sshfs "uses" GNOME.  Turned to
NFS to connect with the archive.

The first time Claws was run against the archive, rendering HTML in
emails seamed to work.  The next time, the rendering was blank.
(Registered with the mailing list and posted.)  On the 3rd and
following runs, HTML was rendered. LiteHTML plugin.

As distributed by FreeBSD, LiteHTML does not seam to be present, and
the other HTML plugins have been removed (security issues?).

Claws-Mail for Windows is missing mailmbox folder plugin.  I have been
using mbox for long term storage.

Ubuntu, and others, lag behind.  Assuming the older HTML plugins would
be going away, LiteHTML is needed.

I only run Debian derivatives.  That may change.


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