[Users] Questions about Claws Mail's scripting capabilities (in comparison to Pocoscript)

koller at caramail.com koller at caramail.com
Sun Nov 17 21:37:02 CET 2019

Hello, after many years I have decided to leave my beloved Pocomail (which is now abandonware) for a more modern email client, and the closest equivalent I was able to find is Claws Mail.
Now my main concern is to make sure that I can implement in Claws Mail roughly the same advanced scripting capabilities that are provided by Pocomail (BTW PocoScript's capabilities are much more advanced that the average sorting/filtering tools of most email clients).
I have already taken a quick high level view of what CM can do in this regard, however I still need some clarifications.
I would really be grateful is someone could answer my questions:

1) from what I understand, custom actions on incoming emails (and by this I mean mostly advanced email manipulation, not just generic filtering/sorting) have to be defined through Pre-processing menu, by specifying the required text manipulation action via Execute and letting an external script do the job (via a text processing language, e.g. Python). My question is: is there already a good enough library of pre-defined custom actions (like there are in Pocomail's scripts) or does the programmer have to create from scratch most email manipulation rules? And how friendly to use are they for a non-programmer?
2) what advantage does the Python plugin offer compared to what can otherwise be achieved through any other (external) text processing script invoked via the command Execute? Perhaps the Python plugin offers more pre-defined custom text manipulation actions?
3) if instead of using Python I want to use another scripting language (via Execute), would I miss out some capability that only the Python plugin can provide me?
4)  how to define custom actions for creating and sending emails? (again, is there already a good enough library of such actions?)
5) if some of you guys is familiar with PocoScripts, could you please tell me if there is some PocoScript capability that can't be achieved via scripting in Claws Mail

Thanks a lot for your time


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