[Users] [Bug 4271] Porting the Python plugin to Python 3.7

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Tue Nov 12 21:28:28 CET 2019


--- Comment #2 from Raphael Michel <mail-claws at raphaelmichel.de> ---
Ah, I didn't know the GI module doesn't work with GTK2. That's bad indeed.
Would you consider it an option to – instead of porting the python plugin – add
a separate plugin "python3" that, for now, does not include GTK functionality,
but allows many other useful things when building claws-mail with Python 3?

Of course, I could just be running my own fork for a while, but it would be
much nicer to get this integrated into upstream so it's useful to other users,
and useful to whoever is porting claws to newer Pythons or GTKs now or in the

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