[Users] [Bug 4191] Parent folder style not updated properly when subfolder changes from "unread" to "new" status

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Sat Mar 30 22:16:24 CET 2019


--- Comment #3 from Andrej Kacian <andrej at kacian.sk> ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> > The "new" flag from new messages is removed only after you leave the folder, not when you enter it.
> I know that. That's the reason for the bug report. It seems wrong logic.
> [...]
> Or is there a different purpose of the "new" state?

Yes, the purpose is to be able to actually see which are the new messages. The
logic is not wrong, just different from what you seem to have expected.

Also, if you want to report a bug about thing X being wrong, do not open a bug
report about some secondary effect caused by thing X. It does not help anyone,
and only creates confusion.

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