[Users] [Bug 4191] Parent folder style not updated properly when subfolder changes from "unread" to "new" status

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Sat Mar 30 21:43:54 CET 2019


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> The "new" flag from new messages is removed only after you leave the folder, not when you enter it.

I know that. That's the reason for the bug report. It seems wrong logic.

> there is no reason why the collapsed parent folder shouldn't be blue - it does have a child folder with new messages

But once the folder is selected they are no longer new. They are just unread.
Why should the be more "new" while one is in the folder and less "new" when one
leaves the folder? If the purpose of having separate "new" and "unread" states
is to indicate that a particular folder contains messages which one has neither
read, nor even seen in the list - as soon as the folder get selected this
purpose is served and there is no need to sustain the "new" state.

Or is there a different purpose of the "new" state?

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