[Users] authentification failed

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Fri Mar 29 19:17:22 CET 2019

On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 16:33:21 +0100
spir <denis.spir at gmail.com> wrote: 

> Yes, it seems to have done it!
> I have just seen that the very first field of the Basic tab "Name of
> account" was changed from "diniz at posteo.net:995" to "diniz at posteo.de:995"
> (note: "de"). I did set it right for sure, else I could not have sent test
> emails *to myself', which did arrive on the server, or what? However, after
> correcting that, the same error remains in the network log.

First, the 'Name of account' is just whatever you want to call your account
within, and only within, Claws Mail. So, if you have multiple accounts, they
can be as easily identifiable as you wish.

> Could you tell me what should be in the fields:
> certificate for sending / certificate for receiving

You can leave those blank.

> I had trash in both (and other fields). After deletion and
> quitting/restarting, "localhost" appeared in the first field, but the
> second remained blank.
> Else, thinking at data corruption, I would like to make a fresh install and
> account setup: where are the data files? (to be sure that CLaws Mail does
> not reuse corrupted data)

There doesn't seem to be any data corruption, just misconfiguration on your

On the 'Basic' page of the Account Preferences:

In the 'Personal information' frame:
'Name of account' - set this to whatever you want.
'Full name' - enter your name
'Mail address' - enter your email address
'Organization'  set this to whatever you want, or leave it blank.

In the 'Server information' frame:
You should see 'Protocol POP'. Below this...
'Server for receiving' - set this to 'posteo.de' (without the quotes)
'SMTP server (Send)' - set this to 'posteo.de' (without the quotes)
'User ID' - enter your email address here
'Password' - enter your password here.

On the 'SSL/TLS' page make sure SSL/TLS is enabled for POP and SMTP.

You probably don't need to explicitly set the port, but if you do, use the
'Advanced' page. Do not add the port to the sever entries above (:995).

Then you should be good to go. If not, again quote the Network Log.

with regards


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