[Users] Embedded images in external browser

Adrian adrian at aeolian.org.uk
Mon Mar 25 23:35:11 CET 2019

Thanks Paul, Brad

/File/Add mailbox/MH...did exactly what I wanted, in more or less a
single click!  All my old MH folders from Sylpheed are now visible, but
NOT added to the IMAP server.  And I can drag or filter messages into
any IMAP folder.

One more problem.  Another archive account has Evolution mbox folders 
and I need to add these to a (different user's) Claws
account. When I imported mbox files the messages were added to the IMAP
server and used up too much server disk space. How can I store them
locally? If I could convert mbox to MH externally I could Add them in
the same way.

Thanks in advance once again


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