[Users] [Bug 4146] replace "next_on_delete" by "focus_on_delete"

Jim Seymour jseymour at LinxNet.com
Wed Jan 16 15:38:25 CET 2019

Hi All,

One email client I once used, I recall not which, would walk up or
down the list based on which direction the user last moved.  So if
the user last moved up the list, a delete would move to the next item
up the list.  If they last moved down, a delete would move to the
next item down.

It may sound odd, but it was actually mostly useful.  E.g.: If you
were going through new email, and deleting as you went, it would do
what you'd want w/o additional keypresses.  Same thing if you were
going "in reverse," cleaning up old email.

Note: My mail server employs *very* aggressive anti-spam
filtering.  If you reply to this email and your email is
rejected, please accept my apologies and let me know via my
web form at <http://jimsun.LinxNet.com/contact/scform.php>.

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