[Users] [Bug 4146] replace "next_on_delete" by "focus_on_delete"

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--- Comment #3 from Olivier Brunel <jjk at jjacky.com> ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> (In reply to comment #1)
> sort top to bottom - the next received msg is added at the bottom
> sort from bottom to top - the next received msg is added at the top

Well, you seem to have this view of things indeed, that a list sorted asc has
the first item on top and the last on bottom, but a list sorted desc has the
first item at the bottom and the last item on top.

Fine, I get that, but that's not the common view. Usually one would say the
first item on the list is always on top, and it's whether that item is the
smallest or biggest/oldest or newest/etc that depends on the sort order
(direction) used. So within that view/mindset/whatever you call it, it's always
first on top, next goes down and last at the bottom.

That is how things works traditionally, that is indeed how things work in the
code, which is why your SOA have all the functions to e.g. get the next message
be something along the lines of:

function get_next_msg()
  if (sort_order == ASC)
    return get_next_item(msg_list);
    return get_prev_item(msg_list);

Now you may question whether it is common or not if you'd like, but clearly
such a view exists (even beyond me -- see other times this issue came up, or
the original reporter here), and if you can understand what is meant by it, you
can see there's no way to achieve it currently, despite it being a completely
valid & consistent behavior, whereas it would be possible (for those so
inclined) with the option to disable the SOA.

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