[Users] Address collection - where is the file?

Brian bvamundsen at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 02:12:52 CET 2019

I've been using Claws mail for many years.  I've always assumed that
collected address were stored in my Personal Address book.  When I
compose a message I often type the first name and hit <tab> to get the
list of names available.  Well today I was sending to someone and
hit <tab> and found there were six different addresses for the same
person, some personal, some business, some hobby oriented.  I thought I
should mark each for it's purpose so I don't send hobby information to
his business email.  But when I open my Personal Address book and
look for his name there is only ONE instance.  Where are all the other
five collected addresses stored? 

If I select "Add to address book" on an email for a received message in
the Inbox the destination is "Personal Address" book.  Are the
available addresses a compilation of the Personal Address book and
addresses in personal folders? 

I thought there use to be a "collect addresses" feature on/off but can't
find that to set destination for collection. Can someone tell me where
that feature is set or is a figment of my imagination that I'm seeing?

I've RTFM already and can't find any hint to my questions.

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