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Geoffrey Leach geoff at hughes.net
Tue Dec 31 17:33:56 CET 2019

Hey yourself, and Happy New Year.

Worked perfectly. Many thanks.

On Sat, 28 Dec 2019 16:17:58 -0500
Little Girl <littlergirl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey there,
> Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> >Goal: to make claws-mail aware of emails created internally
> >
> >Preferences => Receiving
> >After receiving new mail
> >  Run command
> >    Command to execute
> >
> >My idea is that the command is adding to the new mail, rather than
> >processing the new mail received.
> >
> >My question is (a) whether its indeed the correct approach and (b)
> >what the command executed should do with the email.  
> If I'm understanding what you'd like to do correctly, these steps
> ought to do it. This is how I did set up an account to receive emails
> from things like Cron or anything that wants to send internal
> administrative emails. It's like any other email account and you can
> check it as often as you like to see if there are any messages.
> You can create an account in Claws Mail with this information,
> substituting your username for username below. Note that I'm still
> using Claws Mail 3.13.2, so the entries in the account interface may
> be different for you:
> ====================
> In the Basic tab:
> 	Name of account: username at localhost
> 	Full name: username
> 	Mail address: username at localhost
> 	Local mailbox: /var/mail
> 	(Put a check in the box for "Use mail command rather than
> 	SMTP server".) command to send mails: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
> In the Receive tab:
> 	Default inbox: #mh/Mailbox/inbox
> 	(If you like, put a check in the box for "Filter messages on
> 	receiving".) (If you like, put a check in the box for "Allow
> 	filtering using plugins on receiving.")
> In the Send tab:
> 	(Put a check in the box for "Generate Message-ID".)
> 	(Put a check in the box for "Add user agent header".)
> 	(Put a check in the box for "SMTP Authentication (SMTP
> 	AUTH)".) Authentication method: Automatic
> 	User ID: root
> 	Password: No idea. There's a cloaked password in mine that's
> 	shorter than the password I use to log in and I don't
> 	remember how I picked the password used in this Claws Mail
> 	account to access the mail. Hopefully someone else can help
> 	with that. At the worst, we can do some Google digging to
> 	figure that out.
> In all the rest of the tabs:
> 	(Set things up however you normally would in any other
> 	account.)
> ====================
> Note that the program that sends internal mails should be putting
> them in the /var/mail folder. At least that's the folder root uses
> when it sends internal emails. If you wanted to customize that, you
> could probably designate any location you like for mail and then just
> change the relevant parts of the above instructions to reflect the
> custom location.

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