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Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 22:17:58 CET 2019

Hey there,

Geoffrey Leach wrote:

>Goal: to make claws-mail aware of emails created internally
>Preferences => Receiving
>After receiving new mail
>  Run command
>    Command to execute
>My idea is that the command is adding to the new mail, rather than
>processing the new mail received.
>My question is (a) whether its indeed the correct approach and (b)
>what the command executed should do with the email.

If I'm understanding what you'd like to do correctly, these steps
ought to do it. This is how I did set up an account to receive emails
from things like Cron or anything that wants to send internal
administrative emails. It's like any other email account and you can
check it as often as you like to see if there are any messages.

You can create an account in Claws Mail with this information,
substituting your username for username below. Note that I'm still
using Claws Mail 3.13.2, so the entries in the account interface may
be different for you:


In the Basic tab:
	Name of account: username at localhost
	Full name: username
	Mail address: username at localhost
	Local mailbox: /var/mail
	(Put a check in the box for "Use mail command rather than
	SMTP server".) command to send mails: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

In the Receive tab:
	Default inbox: #mh/Mailbox/inbox
	(If you like, put a check in the box for "Filter messages on
	receiving".) (If you like, put a check in the box for "Allow
	filtering using plugins on receiving.")

In the Send tab:
	(Put a check in the box for "Generate Message-ID".)
	(Put a check in the box for "Add user agent header".)
	(Put a check in the box for "SMTP Authentication (SMTP
	AUTH)".) Authentication method: Automatic
	User ID: root
	Password: No idea. There's a cloaked password in mine that's
	shorter than the password I use to log in and I don't
	remember how I picked the password used in this Claws Mail
	account to access the mail. Hopefully someone else can help
	with that. At the worst, we can do some Google digging to
	figure that out.

In all the rest of the tabs:
	(Set things up however you normally would in any other


Note that the program that sends internal mails should be putting
them in the /var/mail folder. At least that's the folder root uses
when it sends internal emails. If you wanted to customize that, you
could probably designate any location you like for mail and then just
change the relevant parts of the above instructions to reflect the
custom location.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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