[Users] CardDAV / CalDAV

Christian Eichert c at zp1.net
Thu Dec 5 07:24:55 CET 2019

It is just a K.O. Criteria.

I need my tasks, and my addresses and I have to host them myself so that 
I can access them on all my devices. I cannot risk that some CEO in some 
cloud restricts me access to my own data. And because there's 
practically nothing else that works, except for the CardDAV / CalDaV 
protocols, so I'm forced to use it.

Mit freundlichem Gruss
Christian Eichert

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On 12/5/2019 6:36 AM, mlnl wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>> Because Thunderbird is out of control releasing updates tree times a
>> week, and is constantly breaking my client, I decided to use Claws
>> more intense.
> I have switched from Thunderbird to Claws-Mail, because i used
> Sylpheed-Claws in the past and because of the decision to abandon
> Enigmail and integrate GnuPG into Thunderbird's passwort management.
>> But it is very difficult without a decent Addressbook
>> and Calendar.
> Mmh, i like the addressbook, but i'm using it only personally and
> locally. But the vcalendar plugin is imo not sufficient. For that
> purpose, i have "cored" Thunderbird, so that Thunderbird runs only with
> lighning ;)
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