[Users] 60 second hangs on incoming messages

sylpheed at 911networks.com sylpheed at 911networks.com
Fri Sep 14 20:07:04 CEST 2018

On Fri, 14 Sep 2018 13:33:28 -0400
"Michael A. Yetto" <myetto at gmail.com> wrote:

>I had to give up on Dillo and stick to Fancy because opening the HTML
>portion of an email took at least a minute each time. Even switching
>to text and back to the HTML portion caused the same long delay with
>each message. 
>I'm running version 3.17.1 on Kubuntu 18.04.01.

I'm exactly the opposite. I use Dillo for the HTML because I'm on
Manjaro and the Archlinux maintainers of CM have removed Fancy from
the CM and only provide Dillo.

I could compile it myself, but it's so much simpler for me to let do
all the work/compile/dependencies...

BTW, I have no slow down with Dillo, but my default is "Render HTML
as text", then I switch to html when I need.



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