[Users] [Bug 3993] Claws Mail connects to IMAP server when it should not

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Thanks for testing Ricardo. The explanation you give may sound logical and I
would think about it myself as a side observer but it is not the actuality. The
last selected folder has always been in the GMAIL account as previously

I actually found that CM makes a connection even to a third account (when using
my actual setup which has more than 2 accounts). So I have been digging further
into this because I really wanted to see what was causing it. And I think/hope
I have nailed it.

The things which result in connection related to the secondary (YAHOO) account:

1. Not having the file:


2. Having any rule(s) in the [preglobal] section of


Any or both of this result in a connection to the YAHOO account on program

FWIW: this is not information which the debug log would show directly or
explicitly. I found the first factor by running diff on 2 different debug logs
which simply showed me that .claws_cache was not found but there was no direct
feedback explaining that *because* of that a connection is made. I just guessed
it through the sequence of things and was able to confirm it only after more
meticulous testing. For the second factor I found no mention in the debug log

Please consider reopening this ticket to investigate this further because it
seems related to program logic, not to settings per se.

Another thing I found during testing: right after setting up the secondary
account (YAHOO) a connection to yahoo is made immediately after completing the
configuration without clicking "Get mail" or anything explicitly requiring
connectivity. I don't know if that is a bug or deliberate logic but you may
want to check it too because ideally in a system in which the user (and not the
program) is in control the connection should be initiated not upon account
setup but when the user explicitly requests it (e.g. on "Get mail", folder
select/refresh etc).

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