[Users] Status of claws-contacts and new address book?

Páder Rezső rezso at rezso.net
Thu Mar 15 16:31:46 CET 2018

>Does that mean that if I don't have the claws-contacts service that
>this option should not be enabled? Or would it just do nothing?

If you want to use claws-contacts, you must to compile it from git
(http://git.claws-mail.org/?p=contacts.git;a=summary) before compiling

>So if I create ~/.contacts a new address book will be placed there?

No. The existing CM addressbook(s) will be placed here.
The default path of the new addressbok in claws-contacts is the "main"
home directory.

>What's the advantage of the new address book, is it shared with other

I don't know, but it works as standalone application also.

>Is there any intention to roll this function into CM's normal release

Good question, but I am not a developer.


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