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Thu Mar 15 15:27:02 CET 2018

Paul & JT . . 

> So you have an IMAP mailbox and an MH mailbox? The latter for the
> SMTP-only account?

Sorry Paul you lost me there. What is an MH mailbox?
Each address uses IMAP for RX and SMTP for TX

> From your description, Claws is displaying mail on the Fastmail
> server,> not in a local mailbox. Isn't the issue that you are seeing
> mail in the> wrong mailbox on the IMAP server? Therefore that led to my question
> about server-side filters since I believe you have said that
> you have no> Claws filters.

'Fraid not. Claws runs stand-alone with no connection to Fastmail as I
said previously. I run Fastmail via its web-interface and it has no
connection with the Claws Mail service provider.
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