[Users] Quick filtering based on correspondent email address

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Mon Mar 12 19:04:20 CET 2018

Clicking on a tag in the message preview results directly in quick
filtering with: tag matchcase "<tagname>". OTOH clicking on a
From/Reply-to address opens a new message compositor.

I am looking for a way to configure similar functionality but with
From/Reply-to. Currently I have a short bash script which converts

<John Smith>some at thing.com


message matchcase "some at thing.com"

which used in "Extended" filtering mode gives me all messages containing
the correspondent address - what I want.

However I still need to right click the From/Reply-to, copy the
address, then run the script. It is a pain because I have to go through
several thousand messages and sort them, so I need to do it as quickly
as possible. (all messages are 1-to-1 correspondence)

How can I:

1. Create a one click (or one shortcut key) action which creates and
applies the quick filter as explained

2. Assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Clear" button (I couldn't find it
in Clawsker)


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